[Clipart] release 13 coming up

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Mon May 2 16:39:16 PDT 2005

Holger Will <holger at treebuilder.de> writes:

>>However, it has since occurred to me that simply stripping out the
>>DOCTYPE may lose the SVG version number, if this isn't specified as
>>an attribute of the 'svg' element.  I think we should be keeping this

I didn't realize the DOCTYPE was being changed by XML::Twig.  It
definitely shouldn't do that.  We can work around it, by preserving
that expressly, but it makes me wonder what *else* XML::Twig is doing
wrong.  I will investigate this further.

>>By the way, I can't even view these files in Inkscape 0.41.  I think
>>it probably depends on which versions of libxml and/or Expat
>>Inkscape is built with.

Could be.  I'm still using Inkscape 0.40, but I doubt if that's the
problem.  The libraries it's built against seems like a more likely
explanation to me.

>>Holger Will has told me that the files don't work in Mozilla's
>>native SVG implementation either.

That one wouldn't worry me so much, as Mozilla's native SVG
implementation is A) still experimental and B) not built by default,
so virtually nobody uses it.  But obviously it's not the only casualty.

> as discused in a private email with Stephan Silver, i did the following:
>> 1) add <?xml version="1.0"?> to the beginning of each file.
>> 2) replace "svg:" with ""
>> 3) change "xmlns:svg" to "xmlns"
> that should fix the problems. i havent tested all files ;-) , but
> what i've tested runs fine in mozilla. should do fine in
> Konqueror,ASV,Batik

Aha, this looks suspiciously like details of exactly what is going
wrong :-)  I will do some fooling around with XML::Twig and see what I
can find out about the missing XML declaration and DOCTYPE, and I
suspect I might already know how to fix the svg namespace thing.

> you can download the fixed files at
> http://www.treebuilder.de/svg/openclipart-0.13.zip
> hope all works ok with these files!

Wow, you fixed all of the files from the 0.13 release?
[I'm downloading this now...]

If so, we should just use this *as* the 0.13 release, and set the
unfixed one aside.

Meanwhile, I will investigate how to prevent these things from
happening in the first place next time.

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