[Clipart] RE: Release 13 and duplicates.

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Mon May 2 17:31:58 PDT 2005

Gerald Ganson <Gerald.Ganson at rdc.ab.ca> writes:

> I hope this is the right place to ask this question.
> Quote:If you intend to submit a lot of clipart, instead of filling
> out the Public Domain statement and uploading each piece
> individually, you can establish your own 'clipart package'. This
> way, you can fill out the Public Domain declaration once for the
> package. Adding new material is as simple as copying it into the
> package archive and re-uploading it.

This is, at this point, mostly theory...

Ultimately, we want to have facilities where authors can log in, see
the images they have submitted, submit updates to any of them, and so
forth.  We don't have the architecture in place yet that will make
that possible, however.  Actually, our release and update procedures
are still fairly primitive at this point, though they are being
continuously improved.

> 1: I made enhancements to the icecream cones, and instead of
> resubmitting individually, I submited 4 clips in a ZIP. These have
> been duplicated in the collection.

Were they originally submitted individually, and then later in a zip?
If so, that would explain it.

> 2: Beagle pic, I accidently submitted it as both a one file submission
> and part of a ZIP collection, and it is duplicated.

Yes, it would probably have ended up with a different filename, and so
would have been duplicated.  We don't yet have a mechanism to detect
duplicates worked into our release procedure.  That's something we do
want to do eventually, but we haven't got it done yet.

> 3: Almost all the music clips are duplicated since reading the above
> quote, I thought the second submission would over-ride the first. 

I think I know what happened there.

The filenames in the second submission were different than in the
first, because one or the other had them all capitalized.  (They also
had spaces and punctuation in the filenames, which I fixed, but I
probably also should have lowercased them, and I neglected to do

> I intend to keep adding instruments to the collection and uploading
> as time goes on. How is this best handled ?

Hmmm...  I think I am not sure what the best way is to handle this for
now.  I could just make something up, but perhaps we should discuss it
on the list instead.

> Forgive me if this is not a question for the mailing list.

The mailing list is exactly the right place for this discussion, and
really I think we are overdue for it, as some other things have been
similarly duplicated before.  I think I know how we want to handle
this in the long term, but it seems we need an interim solution to get
us through until we get the DMS in place.  (Unless the DMS is closer
to being ready than I realize...)

> Plus of course I can't view the collection in adobe viewer, but you
> already know about that.

Yeah.  We'll get that ironed out eventually.  (And you don't need to
resubmit things just because of this, because we still have the files
as they were submitted; the upload tool has not been updated to use
XML::Twig yet; in this case, my slowness turned out to be a good thing
for a change.  So we can re-process all the files once we get this
ironed out.)
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