[Clipart] release 13 coming up

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Mon May 2 19:49:35 PDT 2005

On Mon, 2005-05-02 at 20:10 -0400, Jonadab the Unsightly One wrote:
> "Stephen Silver" <ocalocal at btinternet.com> writes:
> > Yes, I think it's the fact that everything in the SVG namespace is
> > prefixed by "svg:" that's the problem.
> Okay, I think I know how to fix that.


> > The XML declaration is also missing, so we should fix that too, 
> That I will have to investigate.
> >> and that we are working on the problem...  or we could just skip
> >> the PR altogether, if it is felt that a broken release is worse
> >> than no release.
> >
> > It makes no sense to put out PR for release 0.13 in its current
> > state.  I don't know how long it will take to fix it, but it may
> > well be nearer June 1 than May 1 if it's going to be done properly.
> If it's past the middle of May, let's just skip the PR for 0.13
> altogether and instead focus on good PR for 0.14 at the top of June.

> People who are following the list and want the 0.13 release for
> whatever reason (e.g., because whatever opens in Inkscape is good
> enough, as is my situation at work, or for testing purposes, or
> whatever), it's all there in the downloads/0.13/ directory; it's the
> announcement that's missing mainly.
> Oh, and:  I installed the broken 0.13 release for the browse tool
> before I saw the message on the list about this problem.  Do we want
> to roll that back to 0.12, keep it as it stands, unzip Holger's fixed
> version (I've checked an unzip tool based on Archive::Zip into CVS
> that is capable of doing this, since info-zip does not appear to be
> installed), or what?

Ok, lets do a low level release to our immediate communities, but not
the full blown PR. For our project is it important to keep on the
metronome of releases, so I am strongly against skipping this release.

Holger, did you upload this package to the site, or if not, can someone
do this. Also, has this fixed package been tested at all? Once others
weigh in, I will just send out a short announcement saying that this is
a new release with more art, we have a planet site, etc...

But then, we can plan for 0.14 being a good big release. Seems that our
even number releases are the bigger ones, and the odd are more
experimentatal or broken...must be subconscious.


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