[Clipart] release 13 coming up

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Tue May 3 14:52:05 PDT 2005

Holger Will <holger at treebuilder.de> writes:

> A) in my perception, mozillas SVG implementation is quite advanced
> and very stable.

That may be, but...

> B) its in all nighly builds by default now, 

Oh, is it now?  This is new.  Last I checked, there were special
instructions for compiling it yourself.  (I followed the nightlies
during the 0.9.x timeframe, but these days I don't like to close my
browser window and lose all my tabs, and I don't like discovering that
some of the extensions I rely on don't work with the new version, so
I've been upgrading a tad bit less frequently.)

> and also enabled by default. so download a new mozilla nightly and
> you have SVG support without doing anything else.  and believe me
> many people use it. since its offical, the visitors rate on my site
> increased by 300%.

Once it's in the latest actual release, then definitely a lot of
people will be using it.

> i also did some promotion for OCAL at mozilla, because there are
> many people who ask what this SVG is everyone is talking about, and
> i would really like to send them to OCAL, to have a look ,(i
> allready did) so please fix this problem quick!  i believe that
> fixing it quick is importent for what people who are new to SVG
> think about SVG.

Well, the 0.12 release hasn't gone away or anything.  But yeah, this
is nevertheless something we want to fix ASAP.

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