[Clipart] release 13 coming up

Holger Will holger at treebuilder.de
Tue May 3 00:32:28 PDT 2005

>>>Holger Will has told me that the files don't work in Mozilla's
>>>native SVG implementation either.
>That one wouldn't worry me so much, as Mozilla's native SVG
>implementation is A) still experimental and B) not built by default,
>so virtually nobody uses it.  But obviously it's not the only casualty.
A) in my perception, mozillas SVG implementation is quite advanced and 
very stable.
B) its in all nighly builds by default now, and also enabled by default. 
so download a new mozilla nightly and you have SVG support without doing 
anything else.
and believe me many people use it. since its offical, the visitors rate 
on my site increased by 300%.

i also did some promotion for OCAL at mozilla, because there are many 
people who ask what this SVG is everyone is talking about,
and i would really like to send them to OCAL, to have a look ,(i 
allready did) so please fix this problem quick!
i believe that fixing it quick is importent for what people who are new 
to SVG think about SVG.

in another mail you ask:

"Oh, and:  I installed the broken 0.13 release for the browse tool
before I saw the message on the list about this problem.  Do we want
to roll that back to 0.12, keep it as it stands, unzip Holger's fixed
version (I've checked an unzip tool based on Archive::Zip into CVS
that is capable of doing this, since info-zip does not appear to be
installed), or what?"

i'd say do anything so that people are able to browse the library, no 
matter what, but do it quick!

thanks , for all your efforts, and keep up the great work.


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