[Clipart] Old XIX-XX Century engravings

Enric Martinez runlevel0 at gmail.com
Sun May 15 07:52:43 PDT 2005

Hy list,

I have rescued 3 engravings which dates back to the decades from 1890- 1910.
The book had been my property for some time until I stored it in my
mothers house and forgot about it.

A few days ago I found out that the book had been completely
vandalized and only those three engravings remained.

I can't remember neither the title nor the other details such as
original name, authors, publisher or date. The only thing I can
remember is that it was in a range from 1890-1910.
The Spanish publisher was "Espasa y Co. Editores", the firm does not
exist any more.

The book was about a journey to Palestine and Egypt and contained lots of 
engravings by various authors depicting Palestinian landscapes and
notorious buildings.

I have a HP psc 1315 scanner (flatbed, all-in-one printer/scanner) and
have one a first attempt at 600ppp (my scanner's maximum res) in
Although the originals are partly stained, the scans look impressing.

IMHO they could be used even to cut some details and figures and use  them as 
clipart items. The engravings themselves could also make for a good background.

My questions are:

What legal issue could I face if I would like to put those scans into
the public domain and upload them to OpenClipart.org?

As long as the original work seems to be British, I would think that
in 115-95 years this work would already belong to Public Domain. Am I

If I can finally upload this stuff:
Are there any trick/tip relating to format or scanner setup which I
should bear in mind for best results?

So, I look forward to get an answer as I would like to preserve at
least that bit of information.

TIA, Enric


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