[Clipart] gallery

Nicu Buculei nicu at apsro.com
Sun May 15 23:50:23 PDT 2005

Open Clip Art Library Feedback Form wrote:
> Name: Wim De Coninck
> Hello,


> I downloaded and installed (Win-exe) the files to a separate map.
> How can i "integrate" those images in OOo GALLERY, so I can select a
> clipart like with the Gallery ?

Basically, you would have to use a two steps approach:

Step 1 (optional): our images are in scalable format, SVG, which is not 
supported for import in OOo. We provide thumbnails in PNG, but those 
have small resolution and are not suitable for high quality works, so 
you have to either import those thumbnails or convert from SVG to PNG 
with a higher resolution (this can be done for example using a batch 
script calling Inkscape from command line).

Step 2: create a new gallery in OOo and import PNG images there (open a 
gallery->New Theme->Find Files->Add All)


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