[Clipart] RE: Abi-Clipart - Vectoize question ?

Andrew Archibald andrew.archibald at sympatico.ca
Wed May 18 16:29:55 PDT 2005

Gerald Ganson wrote:
> Thanks for the link.
> Also www.hasslefreeclipart.com claims that it's images are public domain
> as well.

Uh, where do you see that claim?  All I can find is there "Terms of Usage" 
which claims exactly the opposite, making a variety of restrictions.

It's worth pointing out that at least in the US you probably can't actually 
release your work into the public domain, but you can release all rights to 
it (which is what the carefully-worded Creative Commons PD release does). 
So a simple casual claim that something is in the public domain won't cut 
it (unlike during the first few hundred years of copyright, when things 
were copyrighted only if explicitly registered and marked).


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