[Clipart] Changes to Metadata.pm to retain the XML declaration, doctype, and solve the 0.13 release svg: prefix problem

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Mon May 30 10:24:27 PDT 2005

"Jonadab the Unsightly One" <jonadab at bright.net> writes:

> Before I use this to generate the 0.14 release, someone should test
> it on a handful of files and confirm that it doesn't royally screw
> anything up, like I think it doesn't.

I should mention that the particular thing that needs testing is
whether images run though this open correctly in the various SVG
viewers that choked on the images in the first 0.13 packages.  I 
don't have any of those programs installed here; all I've got is
a version of Inkscape that never had any trouble with the broken
0.13 release images.  I've attempted to install the Adobe viewer
but never got it working (either on Windows or Linux) and I lack
enough understanding of Java to make Batik work, it seems.

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