[Clipart] keywords (was: Duplicated items / keywords question)

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.org
Sun Oct 2 03:22:27 PDT 2005

I'm working my way through the release...  on step 12 presently.

You know, I think the keyword fix-up portion of the release process
really should NOT be done during the release process, because only one
person can do it, and it slows down the release quite a bit.

I notice that Jonadab's clipart-authority script is pretty good for
editing keywords; I can easily do consolidation, removal, etc.  There is
another script for adding keywords.

Can someone develop a simple web tool (php, perl, python, or whatever)
for interfacing to these two scripts to allow others to do basic keyword

If we have this tool, then we could do the following:  After a release,
we put the files into a directory on the website where admins can log in
and run the keyword editor tool to improve keywords.

Then, during the release, instead of downloading and starting from the
previous release tarball, we'd start from the package that has been
edited and go from there.

Who has some time they could contribute to creating this important web


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