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Greg Steffensen greg.steffensen at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 12:10:16 PDT 2005

Hey, you may want to try the clipart browser. Its still in beta, but works
fine as far as I can tell (I'm the developer). To install it, you need to
have Python 2.4, GTK 2.6 and PyGTK 2.6 (all of which are available for Linux
and Windows, and can be found easily using Google). Then, download the
browser from


extract it, and run "python setup.py install". If you have any problems, let
me know (I'm the author).


On 10/2/05, Open Clip Art Library Feedback Form <noreply at openclipart.org>
> Name: Rick McKay
> E-mail: rmckay at syptec.com
> How can I use the clip art you offer? When I save it and bring it
> into a program like Corel, it is fuzzy and hard to use. Am I missing
> something?
> Also, is there a way to "browse" all the images in the library I've
> downloaded?
> Please let me know.
> Thanks
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