[Clipart] Using Clip Art

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at bright.net
Sun Oct 2 19:27:26 PDT 2005

Open Clip Art Library Feedback Form <noreply at openclipart.org> writes:

> How can I use the clip art you offer?  When I save it and bring it
> into a program like Corel, it is fuzzy and hard to use.  Am I
> missing something?

Are you opening the .svg images themselves, or the .png thumbnails?
The thumbnails are low-resolution and are really only intended to give
you a quick idea of the contents of the image (i.e., they're just
thumbnails).  It's the .svg images that are the real content.

As for Corel, last I knew, that was the name of a software company in
the 80s that got bought out sometime in the 90s and no longer exists,
so when you say "a program like Corel", I'm not sure I know exactly
what you're talking about.  Corel used to make a program called Draw,
which ran on DOS, but that was aeons ago and I was under the
impression Adobe pretty much ate their lunch with Photoshop during the
pre-Windows era; I haven't heard anything significant about Corel Draw
for over a decade.  Did whoever bought them out revive the Draw
product and continue to update it?  Does it support vector graphics?
I must profess ignorance here.

There are various vector graphics viewers and editors that can open
.svg files, some of which can also save in other formats (including
rendering to bitmap formats such as .png, at any desired size).  Were
you looking for information about some of those options?  Inkscape is
the one I use, but there are others.

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