[Clipart] Who can do the 0.18 release?

Nicu Buculei nicu at apsro.com
Sun Oct 2 22:39:41 PDT 2005

Bryce Harrington wrote:
> Well, here's how I think it could be shoehorned in:
> The release process essentially begins by downloading the previous
> release's tarball package and going from there.  It would be easy to
> modify the release process such that instead of starting from that
> package, it starts from a collection that has been modified since the
> prior release.  Namely, a "keyword-edited" collection.

If I understand correctly, this collection would be the development 
trunk and the releases branches from it.

> At the other end of the release process, we could easily include a step
> that installs this collection for keyword-editing after publishing the
> final release package.
> Thus, this simplifies the task down to how to perform keyword-editing on
> this installed package.
> Your keyword-authority script is able to perform keyword editing on a
> collection of images.  I think this would be the thing to start with.
> This would need to be installed on openclipart.org, but I don't think
> that would be too hard to do.
> Initially, we could simply have people shell into openclipart.org, cd to
> that directory, and perform the commands to edit the keywords.  

Are those scripts documented somewhere? A page on the wiki?

> All of the above would be very minor modifications to our existing
> processes, and hopefully straightforward to set up.
> A further refinement would be to create a php script to put a nice web
> interface on top of the keyword authority script.  This tool would
> basically just act as a front end to allow easier operation of the
> authority script.  It needn't be very sophisticated.  Maybe it could
> look like this:

A web interface would be very nice to have, but before using it I think 
we need at least revision control or a login requirement for using the page.

>    Remove Keywords:        [___________]  [ GO ]
>                            [___________]
>                            [___________]
>                            [___________]
>    Consolidate Keywords:   [___________]  To  [___________]  [ GO ]
>                            [___________]
>                            [___________]
>                            [___________]
> Of course, there could be a lot more beyond that, but given all of our
> time constraints I think the above would at least get things engaged.


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