[Clipart] deleted files - proper useable logo's

Jurgentje jurgentje.linux at telenet.be
Fri Oct 14 14:10:42 PDT 2005

Op vr, 14-10-2005 te 11:41 -0700, schreef Bryce Harrington:

> I also went fairly postal on anything else that smelled like a logo.
> Debian, ubuntu, openoffice, and other symbology and such has been moved
> out of the library.  It's possible we could get permission to distribute
> those as public domain but I think folks on this list are right; it'll
> be much less future confusion if we keep it strict and simple:  No
> logos.
> Of course, this ignores the fact that it *would* be very valuable to
> have a collection of logos, but as I think we recognized, that is
> probably something best done externally to this project, since it would
> need to attend a lot to issues of trademark, licenses, and so forth.
> No such project has sprung up yet, but I'm still hopeful that someone
> will get inspired and grab the initiative to creat that.

Well, I daresay there can be a clear stock of logo's that are not
corporate logo's. I'm thinking of a danger sign, all common signs for
wheelchair users, explosive, traffic signs, landmark signs, sign
language, etc...

I seriously doubt these are copyrighted.

Maybe a (sub)folder "symbols and public logo's" could be a good idea?


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