[Clipart] GNU Solfege icon and banners: some more info

Nicu Buculei nicu at apsro.com
Wed Oct 26 04:45:09 PDT 2005

Are we on-topic with the discuss on this mailing list? Perhaps is better 
to talk on the Solfege list (but add me on CC)

mark at markvdb.be wrote:
> Thank you for your proposals. Some comments. Please be patient. I'm 
> probably not
> using the right graphics terms, but you should get a general idea:
> * The drop shadow adds too much graphical information to the icons.

That was perspective shadow and is used sometime to increase the 3D 
look. A drop shadow can be used instead and the will look cleaner. Of 
course, the imace can have no shadow.


> * The green face looks a bit sad. I don't really like its color, either. It

The sad look was probably because of the shape of the eyes.

> looks a bit poisonous. I don't know about standard color settings for 
> GTK/Gnome
> icons, but this icon's color doesn't seem to fit in with the rest...

Is one of the GNOME colors 
but you are right, it look poisonous.
I wanted each proposal to differ in shape *and* color, to give  wide 
range of combination, is trivial to change colors in a SVG drawing.

> * The purplish icon is nice, but a bit too general without the face.

Indeed, that was a base image used to obtain the others.

> * The yellowish note looks angry. Scary!

Because it has *very big teeth* and eyebrows looking almost like horns :)

> Facial expressions are probably very difficult to visualise, but I would 
> really
> like the icon to have something more enthousiastic and happy.

here is another try, a combination based on previous images (01 with 
happy eyes, larger mouth, color from 02 and drop shadow instead of 
perspective shadow):

do not hurry to make any decision, it is early, you may receive other 
proposals, maybe even with a complete different vision


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