[Clipart] To-Do List :: which ccHost ?

Roan Horning roan at horning.us
Fri Aug 4 04:15:44 PDT 2006

Florent Monnier wrote:
> Hi, could you tell which ccHost you would recommand to install on our 
> localhost ? The SVN one or the last stable release ?
> But as long as I have understood, the one currently used in the migration is 
> none of these, so where is the current OCAL version of ccHost ?
> Or maybe that you don't provide it because you don't recommand to start with 
> this one but with the stable or svn one instead ?
Hi Florent,

See http://www.openclipart.org/wiki/index.php/CcHost for link to the 
version of cchost that is being tested at http://www.openclipart.org/cchost/

See http://ocal.horning.us  to grab a version of getid3 that has svg 
support.  It would be very helpful to me, if you could get a version of 
cchost running with svg support.  I've been experiencing problems with 
mysql (needed to run cchost), and I'd like to figure out if it is just 
the way I have my server set up, or something with the php code I wrote 
for getid3 which is causing the problem.  If you could let me know when 
you get it working, and what problems you run into, that would be great.

Thanks,  Roan

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