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------- Additional Comments From roan at horning.us  2006-08-04 07:37 -------
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I think using Bugzilla is a good idea, we just need to create a front end on the
openclipart site that allows for easy submission and review of the request.

As far as needing bugzilla accounts, we could have a generic "clipartrequest"
bugzilla user. When a new submission occurs, to keep track of the requestors
name and email you could have the description start with something like:

  RequestedBy : <Name>
  RequestedByEmail: <E-mail Address>

  comments from the submission form

A similar account could be used for the clip artist responding to the request.

A quick perusal of the bugzilla docs, shows that the response to your bugzilla
query can come back in different formats, html, rdf, etc.  So hopefully
something like the rdf format would be relatively easy to parse and then display
in a preferred format on the openclipart site.

This approach may be as complicated, or even more so, than just coming up with
our own from scatch, but I think it is worth exploring.          
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