[Clipart] Pictures for Universal dictionary system

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Fri Aug 4 14:58:53 PDT 2006

Name: Zdenek Broz
E-mail: gt2 at post.cz


I have just found your site and it is great! Thank you very much! I
am collecting images which I can assign to wordnet definitions so
guys have easy work adding words in other languages into our
Universal dictionary system. Your images will help us a lot. If you
are interested you can take a look at www.dicts.info (UD already has
more than 60 languages). I have collected more than 1500 images
(http://images.webz.cz/) and I guess with your images we might have
more than 3000 meanings with images. Thank you very much!
openclipart.org is great! I will add links into useful links and
download section of our site.

Best regards

Zdenek Broz / Dicts.info

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