[Clipart] cchost and svg status update

Tobias Jakobs tobias.jakobs at web.de
Wed Aug 16 14:01:52 PDT 2006

Am Mittwoch, den 16.08.2006, 11:41 -0400 schrieb Roan Horning:
> Hi,
> This week I finally committed patches to getid3 library on
> cvs.freedesktop.org:
> see http://webcvs.freedesktop.org/clipart/experimental/rejon/getid3/getid3/
Thanks for the update. Status updates are a very important for projects,
so everyone knows that the project is still alive. 
Btw. do you commit the patches to http://getid3.sourceforge.net/ too?

> My test bed cchost site for OCAL is running again: see
> http://ocal.horning.us
> I've done some work on the css to make it reflect the current style
> scheme for OCAL.  Suggestions and comments are welcome.
I don't think it is necessary to copy the current style. Personally I
like the "original/ccHost/ccMixer" style with the rounded corners and
gradients more. It's looks more modern, more Web 2.0. ;)
What is still missing, and I think very important are thumbnail for


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