[Clipart] cchost and svg status update

Nicu Buculei (OCAL) nicu at apsro.com
Wed Aug 16 22:46:10 PDT 2006

Roan Horning wrote:
> Tobias Jakobs wrote:
>>> My test bed cchost site for OCAL is running again: see
>>> http://ocal.horning.us

Cool, I uploaded myself a couple of SVG files and it seems to work.

>>> I've done some work on the css to make it reflect the current style
>>> scheme for OCAL.  Suggestions and comments are welcome.
>> I don't think it is necessary to copy the current style. Personally I
>> like the "original/ccHost/ccMixer" style with the rounded corners and
>> gradients more. It's looks more modern, more Web 2.0. ;)
>> What is still missing, and I think very important are thumbnail for
>> images.
>> http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1452326&group_id=80503&atid=559969 
> Yes,  thumbnails are high up on the todo list.  As far as looks go, I do 

Thumbnails and interacting with the metadata inside the SVG.

> lean towards doing as much as I can with css attributes and not using 
> graphics for visual effects.  I do like the rounded gradients though. 
> I'm not even sure at this point what I did to remove them. I'm still 
> getting familiar with the css templates.  Thanks for your comments. I'll 
> post again when I've made some more changes

I would not worry about css, is more important to have it working 
correctly, we can polish the look later, we may even do a complete 
redesign of the skin.

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