[Clipart] cchost and svg status update

Roan Horning roan at horning.us
Thu Aug 17 04:04:08 PDT 2006

Jon Phillips wrote:

> Did you get your access to freedesktop.org sorted out? It would be great
> to apply your changes to our working test site so we can start moving
> uploads to that site...

Hi Jon,

I figured out how to work with cvs.freedesktop.org, but I've only worked
with the experimental module to update getid3.  Are you using
cvs.clipart.org to keep track of changes to the main site? I browsed
through the cvs clipart structure using the web interface, but wasn't
sure exactly what was what. I'm happy to update the cchost stuff on
openclipart.org just not sure how yet.

> I think the next most important step is to get our current collection
> into ccHost. This would be best brought up on the cchost list (and cc'd
> on this list). There are several ways to deal with this, including
> develop basic import of content from an RSS or ATOM feed (since we
> already have basic dumping capability, Victor and I discussed adding
> import of RSS or ATOM for ccHost.
I've been thinking about how to get the current collection into cchost.
I suggest we use cchost's normal way of putting things in the people's
folder. So we create default usernames from an artists full name:
Jack Smith -> Jack.Smith or Smith-Jack or jsmith etc. and enter whatever
other contact information we have for them--particularly e-mail
addresses, and generate a default password. Once we are ready we can
send an individual welcome to the updated ocal email out to all our
previous contributors, with their new username and password.  We'll have
to figure out what the policy is for accounts with no email addresses.

For each piece of artwork, we assign tags based on its current keywords,
plus keywords based on the path it currently resides.  For example,
artwork in the  home / food / meats_and_eggs section
(http://www.openclipart.org/cgi-bin/navigate/food/meats_and_eggs) would
get the tags 'food' and 'meats_and_eggs' along with the other tags
derived from the artwork's current keywords. The advantage to these
"path" tags is we can use them to recreate the current directory
structure when generating future openclipart releases (i.e. create
directory structure /food/meats_and_eggs, search for tags
food+meats_and_eggs, copy search results to directory), plus I think it
is important to have a way to categorize and browse the collection from
within an hierarchical structure--it complements searching.

During the transition, we should make sure the Creative Commons rdf is
updated for each artwork, in particular the Public Domain Dedication.
I'm assuming that while not all of the artwork on the site currently
says it is in the Public Domain when viewing a web page, that all are.

> Brilliant work Roan!



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