[Clipart] Suggestions for future enhancements for clipart uploads

Michael Moore stuporglue at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 23:49:58 PDT 2006

I was playing with some clipart today, and noticed the following:

1) Not all clipart is completely grouped. You might import a piano
into a picture in Inkscape, and go to move it, only to end up dragging
just one key.

2) Not all clipart is sized appropriately for the bounding box. Some
clipart is draw in the upper corner of a large bounding box, others
completely over-run their box.

3) There's a huge range in image sizes. You could import a computer
mouse and it'd be 3 inches tall on the screen, then import the monitor
that was next to it in the folder, only to find yourself with a 1 inch
tall monitor.

Someday it might be nice to be able to address these issues in the
upload process. Add all elements to a group, resize the image so that
when it's imported (or viewed in Firefox/Opera) it's a standard-ish
size, and make the bounding box fit the image so printing and
thumbnail rendering is correct.

Getting the new site working is probably quite a lot higher priority,
but I thought I'd mention these ideas before I forget them.

Michael Moore

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