[Clipart] Suggestions for future enhancements for clipart uploads

Nicu Buculei (OCAL) nicu at apsro.com
Tue Aug 22 00:09:16 PDT 2006

Michael Moore wrote:
> I was playing with some clipart today, and noticed the following:
> 1) Not all clipart is completely grouped. You might import a piano
> into a picture in Inkscape, and go to move it, only to end up dragging
> just one key.

In my experience, importing a completely ungrouped SVG into Inkscape 
(with drag and drop from the desktop or any other Nautilus window or 
using File -> Import) result in having it as a group (as opposed to 
using File -> Open), so I don't see where is the problem.
And even it is a problem, it is a problem with the implementation in 
I can see an advantage in NOT having the shapes grouped: the file size 
is a few bytes smaller.

> 2) Not all clipart is sized appropriately for the bounding box. Some
> clipart is draw in the upper corner of a large bounding box, others
> completely over-run their box.

This is a *huge* problem, among other things, it makes thumbnails 
unusable. It is also a big problem when doing batch convert from SVG to 
PNG for using the images in applications which does not support SVG 
(like OOo).

> 3) There's a huge range in image sizes. You could import a computer
> mouse and it'd be 3 inches tall on the screen, then import the monitor
> that was next to it in the folder, only to find yourself with a 1 inch
> tall monitor.

This is IMO a minor problem, all images are in vector format, so after 
resizing the quality is the same.

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