[Clipart] Auto clip art catalog?

listen at thomas-zastrow.de listen at thomas-zastrow.de
Thu Dec 14 03:09:36 PST 2006

On Thursday 14 December 2006 10:12, Peter Baker wrote:
> Tom/Jon, don't get me wrong, I *really* like that script.

No problem ;-)

> Anyway, in summary I think Tom's work (or at least the PDF output
> thereof) ought to be part of the site rather than a separate gem waiting
> to be discovered :-).

The script was something I did in some minutes, just for my own use. It's not 
good enough for beeing published.

But if there's some interest in it, I'll spend some more time in it, making it 
hopefully platform-independent.

Btw, this script isn't a task for a weak computer: Think of the thousands and 
thousands of cliparts there are, it needs a lot performance to render the 
HTML-files and then producing a PDF from the HTML. 

I'll think on that tasks the next days :-)

Best regards,


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