[Clipart] Open Clip Art Library belonging to Open Office?

matthew at porpoisehead.net matthew at porpoisehead.net
Thu Jan 12 07:05:36 PST 2006

It's not an easy question, but there is another option for those that find
some of OCAL's content objectionable: fork your own library.

All content is public domain, so anyone who wishes to may create their own
library from a subset of OCAL.  They could name it "The Less Objectionable
Clipart Library".

It's some work, but for those that feel strongly enough about something
the work is worth it, right?

> I see, so at least we share one agreement: Being against the US's war
> against the world. I'd be interested in having your response concerning
> following question:
> Would you approve of Open Clip Art Library taking in Nazi symbols? Would
> you approve that under your "free speech" argument?
> Furthermore why did you, as you write, resist publishing "historical
> flags, body parts, religious symbols" in the beginning?
> You know there cannot be absolute "free speech" and often that concept is
> hijacked for political purposes. I agree with open intellectual discourse
> in accordance with manners, but don't agree with a hijacked notion of
> "free spech". Listen, assume you're the director of a stadium and somebody
> wants to get into the stadium in order to shout "Fire... Fire!!!" Would
> you let him in because of "free speech"???
> Sometimes "free speech" is very harmful & coming back to our issue I'd say
> that it's rather better to remove symbols of the US military and also of
> other war mongers & criminals that are harming civilization & humanity.
> Also I don't agree with all the games that are created to glorify the US
> military. What's behind that? It's only a question of manner, humanity and
> some basic reason to gather the courage to say a clear & loud NO, NO, NO
> to criminals, butchers & enemies of humanity.
> Thanks for your attention!
> clipart at lists.freedesktop.org schrieb am 10.01.06 15:37:29:
> Open Clip Art Library Feedback Form wrote:
>> Name: Kakar
>> Dear Sirs,
>> I've got two questions:
>> 1. Does this clipart library belong to Open Office?
> NO, this is an independent project.
> However, is true that some contributors to Open Clip Art Library are
> also contributors to OpenOffice.org (like me for example)
>> 2. Why do you offer cliparts that depict US military equipment, e.g.
>> tanks, vehicles etc.??? I don't like to offend you, but this is
> Because we think there are some legit uses for those images - for
> example in a videogame or a history study.
> Fell free to submit clipart representing AK-47 (anecdote: AK-47 is the
> only weapon i used ever, in my army duty), T-34, MiG 21 or whatever, we
> will gladly accept it.
>> really making customers afraid because we're civilized and don't want
>> to collaborate with armies, especially the US army that is involved in
>> brutal campaigns, killing hundreds of thousands of people and making
>> millions homeless & agonized.
> Nope, removing them would be censorship.
> We believe in free speech, got in the past similar requests for
> historical flags, body parts, religious symbols, etc. and resisted them.
>> I hope you understand & take the serious measure which is to remove
>> all the US military cliparts!!
> You see to much into this, those images have no politicall meaning at
> all, we are a software and art project, composed from people from all
> the world, we don't endorse the policy of any state.
> Personally, i am against USA war against the entire world but this is a
> matter completely unrelated to our project here.
>> Thank you very much in advance & My all best wishes to your project
>> (without US military!!!)!
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