[Clipart] Re: Thank you...

Nicu Buculei nicu at apsro.com
Sat Jan 14 11:48:43 PST 2006

Carlos Molina Palma wrote:
>  Nicu:
> Thank you so much. Your e-mail is cristal. But, still I have a question. 
> Let me know if I'm wrong.

In fact, it was not my mail, another member of our mailing list, Momo, 
replied but only on list, he forgot to send you a copy, I just forwarded 
his reply to you.

> 1. I need to download the cliparts files (cliparts and installer) to my PC.
> 2. Decompress the cliparts file and next, using the installer, install 
> it in my HD.
> 3. Download the Inkscape application and install it too.
> 4. Doing that, I can view, edit, draw, import to my files, etc., 
> cliparts, in many supported formats.

The problem is OpenOffice.org can't natively open for now our SVG file 
format, so you can open the files you want in Inkscape and save them in 
a format accepted by OpenOffice.org, for example PNG. Of course, you can 
also edit the imaged with Inkscape.

Note: we are also include in the package a PNG version for image, but 
those have small resolution, being usable mostly as thumbnails, this is 
why is preferable for you to make your own conversion at the desired 

> I write papers to college's student and I want insert somes cliparts in 
> my papers. That's the idea. If I follow the above steps, is possible to 
> do that? Thanks again. Your comments are very helpful to me.

Sure, a lot of people are doing exactly this

> Ing. Carlos Molina Palma.

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