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------- Additional Comments From galionlibrary at gmail.com  2006-01-20 03:51 -------
Allowing users to add or adjust keywords via the website is something that we
would like to implement, but currently we do not have the infrastructure in
place to make it happen (and, Copious Free Time has also been wanting of late).
 Still, it is definitely a TODO item.

> upper level categories should show all cliparts from lower level as well.

There are a couple of reasons not to do that.  First, it would make the lower
level categories redundant and unnecessary.  Second, it would flood certain
upper level categories with so many images that it would in practice not be
useful to browse through them.  

It seems better to have the subcategories listed within each category, followed
by any "loose" images that do not belong in any particular subcategory.  This is
the way Yahoo's web directory has always done for instance.

However, the images in the subcategories could still be tagged with the keywords
for all the categories they are within, which would be useful when people want
to crossreference two keywords, e.g., if I want all the images that have both
'animal' and 'cartoon' keywords, I may not care whether they're loose under
"animals" or nested under "birds" or one of the other subcategories within
"animals".  (Currently I don't know whether there is a 'cartoon' keyword in use,
but the current state of the collection is one thing and the example of how we
would want things to work is another.)          
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