[Clipart] Sea of Subjectivity

singlecell singlecell at tesco.net
Fri Jan 27 07:13:57 PST 2006

B Kreps wrote:

> .... 
> Quickly I can think of two solutions to this problem:
> 1. Moderators: Basically a human censor, the task is objective VARIETY.
> ....
> 2. (My preference) Public index limiting with private indexes for user
> ....
I've been put off by the same issue - there's just too much in one go.

A previous email on the subject of tarot cards referenced a set of 
playing cards 
which is good. But if more playing cards were uploaded into the same 
section, the cards would soon be mixed and tedious to search. Once 
you've seen one card, you get an idea of what the rest are like, and 
grouping them into sets would seem logical.

There are other examples such as colour/size variations of the same 
image, etc, which could be considered as a set.

So, another alternative may be to somehow automatically group users 
submissions as a single "set" when they submit - unless they 
specifically give each submission different tags. One image could then 
somehow be chosen as a representation of the entire set.
I've no idea how OCAL site works, so I could be talking nonsense, but 
could a set of uploads be automatically tagged in someway that they 
belong to the same set, and the browse altered to recognise the tags? 
I've never even made a submission, so I could be talking rubbish.

Sets could solve what I see as another problem - how do you get all the 
playing cards of the same design without click-saving all 52, or 
downloading the large OCAL snapshot? A logical set could be handled as 
one download.

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