[Clipart] possible collaboration, media relations question

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Fri Oct 6 15:08:06 PDT 2006

Name: Vanessa Bertozzi
E-mail: vanberto at mit.edu

Hello there,

I'm working at MIT on a project——a joint project between MIT's
Comparative Media Studies Department and a media/communications
company based in New York City. We're doing research on fan cultures
and online fan art.  We're building a research website and we'd be
very interested in speaking with someone who's very involved in Open
Clip Art about a possible collaboration.  

Would an Open Clip Art contact person be able to email me or give me
a call?  Ideally, this would be really soon, as we are trying to pull
things together within the next week.

My name is Vanessa Bertozzi and I"m at 917-692-4564 or
vanberto at mit.edu

Thank you very much,

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