[Clipart] Does openclipart.org have invalid SVG content?

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Mon Oct 9 00:40:40 PDT 2006

On Mon, 2006-10-09 at 08:48 +0300, Nicu Buculei (OCAL) wrote:
> Alan Horkan wrote:
> > 
> > Would we not cry foul if people started submitting lots of files with
> > Adobe extensions?  We can already predict the problems of images embedded
> > in SVG files, which Adobe does a whole lot of because so many of their
> > advanced features cannot adequately be represented in SVG.  (Adobe has
> > lots of custom extensions to SVG but they too see the merit in promoting
> > wider standards like XMP.)
> I used to cry foul for SVG files with Adobe extension, and this was 
> because those files tend to have a size about 10 times bigger than SVG 
> produced by Inkscape and this is without embedded images, see one simple 
> example with the size of 527.45KB: 
> http://openclipart.org/clipart//food/fruit/straw_tote_linda_kim_01.svg
> How much waste is this compared with the Inkscape specific tags?

Yeah, we need to strip our files down to the absolute minimum and be
compliant. We need to add some purification scripts...I'm lost actually
in where this is at and would *love* it if someone (nicu maybe ;) would
consolidate what info we have about this onto our wiki at an easy to use
link so that we can all combine our brain power on this (and hopefully
resolve once and for all :)

I totally want to get on this...I'm fixing some things on the main
website right because we have old pre-fd.o-move-to-a-server clipart_web
folder on the server...I need this to be able to cvs up our main
site...believe it or not :)


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