[Clipart] Does openclipart.org have invalid SVG content?

Ruud Steltenpool, http://svg.startpagina.nl svg at steltenpower.com
Sat Oct 14 08:17:56 PDT 2006

 > Both Inkscape and OpenClipart are about promoting the SVG standard,
 > rather than just using the standard as a means to an end (sodipodi)

I couldn't agree more.
Showing the power of standards (invalid SVG is not SVG, no standard, not 
the advantages a standard brings, but unpleasant surprises)
But even within validity there are many source codes to the same 
picture, but different semantics (having different results in other 
tools including the plain text editor)
Use of SVG (certainly Inkscape, as it is rather popular) could be 
improved in letting 'coders' and 'clickers' better cooperate.


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