[Clipart] Does openclipart.org have invalid SVG content?

Stephen Silver ocalocal at btinternet.com
Tue Oct 10 04:25:13 PDT 2006

Ruud Steltenpool wrote:

> Does openclipart.org have invalid SVG content?

Yes.  It ought to all be conforming SVG, but I know that much of
it isn't, and this is something that needs to be fixed.

> I've coded something that filters 'extra' namespaces out,
> to not choke the W3 validator (also add &doctype=SVG+1.1 to
> circumvent "error: no doctype").

You need to add the correct document type: many of the files are
SVG 1.0 rather than SVG 1.1, and you will get a validation failure
if you add the wrong one (because the DTD will conflict with the
'version' attribute).

The SVG 1.0 and SVG 1.1 specs have appendices on conformance
criteria.  Have you looked at these?  It's similar to what you
are doing, but not quite the same, and you are probably getting
validation errors on many files that are in fact conformant.

Stephen Silver

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