[Clipart] stats

Ruud Steltenpool, http://svg.startpagina.nl svg at steltenpower.com
Sat Oct 14 08:32:39 PDT 2006

  > There has to be a way to read around the namespace issue with SVG,
 > > because the namespaces are completely valid XML and the validators
 > > should read this fine...
 > >
 > > Great!
 > >
 > > Jon
 > >
 > hi jon,
 > to my understanding, the w3c svg validator still needs some work and it
 > does not give the true picture.  can't remember where i read or heard
 > this.  on another list i guess.

The W3 validator is indeed far from perfect, see 
It doesn't ignore the extra namespace things for example
My 2plainSVG.php is only a workaround for exactly that bug, to make the 
validator result more useful and readable.

As the W3 validator also does not have unlimited resources that list is 
most likely interested in the openClipArt validation 



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