[Clipart] Thanks!

ryan ryan at lennox.com.au
Tue Oct 24 18:32:55 PDT 2006

This is just a short email to give a big thank-you to Gerald_G and the work
he has been doing recently in the clipart requests area on the wiki. 

Gerald has been prudently filling requests for anyone, and manages the
clipart request area of the wiki. On a daily basis, he makes changes to the
requests and completed requests page, and makes sure that the pages stay
organised and easy to read.

The clipart requests are still all done manually, with editing of a
wiki-page being the most effective way of managing requests. When ccHost is
fully up and running, it is a goal to have the requests fully integrated
into the new engine, but in the meantime, I would just like to say thanks
Gerald_G for doing a great job!


Ryan Lerch

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