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Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Tue Oct 24 18:51:12 PDT 2006

On Wed, 2006-10-25 at 11:24 +1000, ryan wrote:
> Is there a preferable image size ratio that would be best for the about
> screen, or is this up to the artist?
> thanks,
> Ryan Lerch

Good question, what is the size of the current about screen?

I think best to design for 640x480 pixels which could scale well to most


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> Hello all,
> I put a wiki page up to plan for the two upcoming contests on the Open
> Clip Art Library wiki. Please look at them, add your two-cents, and lets
> get this show on the road :)
> http://openclipart.org/wiki/Contests
> Oh, the first contest will be:
> 1.) Inkscape 0.45 About Screen
> 2.) Open Font Library logo contest
> After we review, then the Open Clip Art Library folk will set it up and
> develop press/announcements which can be sent out in a big burst. Thus,
> please hold off on blogging/posting too much about this yet so we can
> maximize our impact on launching these contests. Cool?
> Jon
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