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Nicu Buculei nicu_gfx at nicubunu.ro
Tue Dec 18 23:02:16 PST 2007

Greg Bulmash wrote:
> I agree with Nicu.  Also, if January is going to be cartography month,
> it should get an announcement within the next week or so, *before*
> January, so people can hit the ground running in January.

A "month" does not have to start on 1st and end on 31, it only have to 
take 30 days, like 15 January - 15 February.
And I think a public announcement in the first day of the month is good 
enough (if we already committed to it internally).

Anyway, I think we should avoid any major announcements during the 
winter holidays break, it may get unnoticed.

> But if 2008 kicks off with a "Cartography" month, maybe it would be good
> to hash out a quick sequence of 11 other monthly themes and publish them
> on the Wiki.  A few theme suggestions...
> Wildlife
> Knights & Dragons

I could see myself interested in this: after drawing castles, forts and 
other building, it make sense for some swords and armors :D

> Cars & Driving
> Ships & Sailing
> Trains
> Holidays
> Space
> Toys

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