[Clipart] where to browse clipart images? (looking for VPN diagrams)

Jeremy C. Reed reed at reedmedia.net
Fri Nov 2 07:28:10 PDT 2007

Since it is not available I was thinking I could download the latest 
tarball and create thumbnails (as needed) so I can browse many at a time.

But now I see the Downloads webpages says "Current Releases" with "October 
10, 2005". That is not "Current".

Can someone add a note to that webpage about the status of official 

Is there a way to use CVS/Subversion/Whatever to fetch the images?

I don't know the backend software for the website.

I recall that the website was moved from the freedesktop.org server. And 
is now hosted by the Oregon State University Open Source Lab.

Are the SVG files just stored as plain files on the server?

I see that gabe server still has openclipart data. But it is all old. I am 
curious -- will the new data be synced back to that server?

I was hoping I could write a script to create missing thumbnails. I need 
access to the data.

In fact, I already see tools/generate-thumbnails.pl and 
clipart_web/make-thumbnail. What is the status of the tools that already 

I'd like to write a script to generate simple HTML with img src for every 
thumbnail for a tag/keyword. Are the tags only in a database?

Where can I get the images?

Why can't the old image viewing part of the website be used?

  Jeremy C. Reed

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