[Clipart] where to browse clipart images? (looking for VPN diagrams)

Nicu Buculei nicu_gfx at nicubunu.ro
Fri Nov 2 08:06:27 PDT 2007

Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> Since it is not available I was thinking I could download the latest 
> tarball and create thumbnails (as needed) so I can browse many at a time.
> But now I see the Downloads webpages says "Current Releases" with "October 
> 10, 2005". That is not "Current".

In a way this is "current" - it was our last formal release.

> Can someone add a note to that webpage about the status of official 
> downloads/releases?
> Is there a way to use CVS/Subversion/Whatever to fetch the images?
> I don't know the backend software for the website.

The backend is ccHost

> I recall that the website was moved from the freedesktop.org server. And 
> is now hosted by the Oregon State University Open Source Lab.

Indeed but we also changed the site backed, from our unmaintainable 
homebrew mess to ccHost.

> Are the SVG files just stored as plain files on the server?

In a way: they are stored as files but also a database keep track of 
them (IIUC).

> I see that gabe server still has openclipart data. But it is all old. I am 
> curious -- will the new data be synced back to that server?

Yes, this is the goal but is a hard job to import thousands of images, 
preservind the metadata and tracking the original authors.

> I was hoping I could write a script to create missing thumbnails. I need 
> access to the data.
> I'd like to write a script to generate simple HTML with img src for every 
> thumbnail for a tag/keyword. Are the tags only in a database?

I don't know the ccHost internals, but I believe the tags are only in a 

> Where can I get the images?
> Why can't the old image viewing part of the website be used?

Not sure if it is just a bug or is intentionally so to motivate us work 
on importing the old images.

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