[Clipart] clipart Digest, Vol 44, Issue 15

Jeremy C. Reed reed at reedmedia.net
Sat Nov 10 06:37:13 PST 2007

On Sat, 10 Nov 2007, John Olsen wrote:

> > The roadmap says thumbnails for 0.19 pre are done. What is 0.19  
> > pre? And
> > where can I see them?
> >
> I put in the comment about the thumbnails being done.  I am referring  
> to generated PNG files that are part of the archive package.  All the  
> svg files have a matching PNG file.  This has more to do with the  
> plans for uploading the old archived SVGs to the new server and not  
> coding issues.


Where can I browse these PNG files (hopefully many at a time)?

Also what is this "0.19 pre"? When I asked this above, I was also pointed 
to the roadmap which I was referring to in the first place. So I went to 
that webpage again and it doesn't explain what it is. Sorry if I 
overlooked it again and Find can't find it. Can someone please tell me 
what this means or specifically point me to it?

I think there is some miscommunication. I thought I was told there were 
no thumbnails and then I am told there are. I thought I was told there was 
no code to view images and then I am told there is.

I simply want to be able to view the thumbnails, several per page, like 
the website used to provide. It was convenient.

If that is not available, then where is the data so I can do myself? Any 
CVS/Subversion/other access?

It seems like my only option now, is to write a web crawler script to 
download all the SVG files for the "tags" I choose and then generate the 
PNGs on my own system for my own use.

Manually clicking on one SVG at a time (which really is multiple clicks 
per clipart) via the tags webpages is a very slow way to view hundreds of 

  Jeremy C. Reed

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