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> On Sat, 10 Nov 2007, Roan Horning wrote:
>> Currently the the openclipart.org website which is now using the  
>> cchost
>> software for managing the site does not have the ability display  
>> pages of
>> thumbnails. This a feature that is in development.
>> If you download an archive of the clipart
>> (http://download.openclipart.org/downloads/). The archives have  
>> png thumbnails
>> included with the svg files.
>> Hope this clears things up.
> Partially. Thanks for your response.
> I am still unclear about the archives as I thought those were old  
> and that
> the new website had different images. I have already seen the old  
> images
> (from the tarball). I want to see the new images (hundreds of new  
> images
> for the tags I want to look at).

Yes, that is correct.  The new site only has PNG thumbnails  IF the  
author submitted them with the SVG.  And they only work as a  
thumbnail if they are the top of the stack.  Anyone who put the SVG  
up first, it doesn't work as thumbnail.

In the mean time I do recommend Frederick's Greasemonkey-script.   
It's been working great for me in Firefox.

All the archives are various package releases from the past.   
openclipart-clipart-2007-02-05.tar.gz    is the most up-to-date  
collection from the old site.  It contains PNG and svg files grouped  
by category.  I recently sorted them by author so we can begin  
uploading them to the new site.   They are available by author here:  

We came to the conclusion that asking the original authors to submit  
them again was the best way to retain authorship of the files and  
spread some of the work around.  It was my understanding that no one  
could figure and automated way to transfer them all with the metadata.

  openclipart-incoming-2007-02-05.tar.gz  is the files that were  
submitted during the transition to the current website.  it is pretty  
raw, unsorted, cleaned up and doesn't have thumbnails.

John Olsen

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