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Roan Horning roan at horning.us
Fri Nov 23 12:25:13 PST 2007

Hi Mohamed,

Thank you for your interest in the project.  Coders interested in 
expanding the features of OpenClipart.org are definitely welcome. I've 
been working on adding thumbnail support to the site. I have the 
functions written that will create png thumbnails from the svg files. 
I'm still a newbie to cchost code, so I'm now in the process of learning 
the best way to incorporate these functions into cchost.  Currently the 
code I have written is not part of the svn repository, but I'm happy to 
send it to you.

Another issue that could use some love, is the getid3 svg module I 
wrote. It has some memory issues, which prevent svg files composed of 
numerous objects (tags) from being uploaded.

Adding code that would let us create hierarchical paths of the tags 
would be nice. I envision being able to define an arbitrary tree 
structure of tags. A click on a link to the root of the tree would 
return a search of all the pictures with tags listed in the tree. As you 
click on links to different branches of the tree, the search would 
return the pictures with tags listed under that branch. This would let 
us recreate the oft lamented filing system of the old site, plus let us 
easily come up with new orderings.

I'm happy to answer any questions I can. Since we are developing code 
for the cchost software, you will also find it helpful to join the 
cchost-cctools mailing list. A link to it is at 


> Thanks for the links,
> I'll take a look on the bugslist. I'll also checkout the code and see 
> what can I do there.
> Thanks,
> Mohamed
> Nicu Buculei wrote:
>> Mohamed Ibrahim wrote:
>>> So I think I need first to communicate with the dev side, so being on 
>>> the mailing list is a good step. I believe that openclipart needs on the 
>>> dev side:
>>> - A bug/feature list. Either bugzilla, mantis or may be we can use one 
>>> on sf.net
>> We use the freedesktop.org bugzilla:
>> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/buglist.cgi?product=openclipart.org
>>> - Planned goals for every release.
>> We didn't release for a couple of years already, the goal for the next 
>> release is (I believe) "import all the old files from the old site to 
>> ccHost".
>> We also need to figure a way to package the files from ccHost.
>>> - The goals/features needs to be distributed on people
>> It works the other way: people step up and take ownership for some goals.
>>> - Use openproj or some thing similar to track progress.
>> We have a few goals and a few people, I think a wiki in manageable for 
>> tracking the progress.
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