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Mohamed Ibrahim mibrahim at mibrahim.net
Fri Nov 23 13:20:03 PST 2007

Hi Roan,

I was just thinking of the tags idea this morning and my goal was easier 
browsing, and I was thinking of how to do it on the fly. One thing that 
helps is that I have the frequency of every tag stored in the tag row, 
so that would tell me if that tag is generic or very specific. So my 
imagination is that I would start by selecting the most frequent n (15 
for example) used tags. As you open a branch, you would have two 
selects, one will return all the ClipIDs having every tag (or a stem of 
a tag) through the branch, then the outer select will select every tag 
that appeared in those Clips and not any of the parents. I wanted to 
test this idea and see how fast is it before considering one complicated 
select with aliases, which can also be done.

I believe this way is much neater and usable than the tag clouds, and 
helps to give the website some structure.

I can certainly take this first. So My current time plan, I'm working 
now on an openoffice addon that directly embeds pictures, and I have a 
proof of concept that links PNGs in openoffice writer from the "basket" 
link of every user, and I will give that till Monday to make it insert 
ODGs. I will go through the ccHost code during the week, so may be on 
the weekend dec 1/2 I can have something to share on it. So I would 
definitely like to handle the tags tree project. I also joined the 
ccHost list, tanks for the URL.

Best Regards,

Roan Horning wrote:
> Hi Mohamed,
> Thank you for your interest in the project.  Coders interested in 
> expanding the features of OpenClipart.org are definitely welcome. I've 
> been working on adding thumbnail support to the site. I have the 
> functions written that will create png thumbnails from the svg files. 
> I'm still a newbie to cchost code, so I'm now in the process of 
> learning the best way to incorporate these functions into cchost.  
> Currently the code I have written is not part of the svn repository, 
> but I'm happy to send it to you.
> Another issue that could use some love, is the getid3 svg module I 
> wrote. It has some memory issues, which prevent svg files composed of 
> numerous objects (tags) from being uploaded.
> Adding code that would let us create hierarchical paths of the tags 
> would be nice. I envision being able to define an arbitrary tree 
> structure of tags. A click on a link to the root of the tree would 
> return a search of all the pictures with tags listed in the tree. As 
> you click on links to different branches of the tree, the search would 
> return the pictures with tags listed under that branch. This would let 
> us recreate the oft lamented filing system of the old site, plus let 
> us easily come up with new orderings.
> I'm happy to answer any questions I can. Since we are developing code 
> for the cchost software, you will also find it helpful to join the 
> cchost-cctools mailing list. A link to it is at 
> "http://wiki.creativecommons.org/CcHost#Communication".
> thanks,
> Roan
>> Thanks for the links,
>> I'll take a look on the bugslist. I'll also checkout the code and see 
>> what can I do there.
>> Thanks,
>> Mohamed
>> Nicu Buculei wrote:
>>> Mohamed Ibrahim wrote:
>>>> So I think I need first to communicate with the dev side, so being 
>>>> on the mailing list is a good step. I believe that openclipart 
>>>> needs on the dev side:
>>>> - A bug/feature list. Either bugzilla, mantis or may be we can use 
>>>> one on sf.net
>>> We use the freedesktop.org bugzilla:
>>> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/buglist.cgi?product=openclipart.org
>>>> - Planned goals for every release.
>>> We didn't release for a couple of years already, the goal for the 
>>> next release is (I believe) "import all the old files from the old 
>>> site to ccHost".
>>> We also need to figure a way to package the files from ccHost.
>>>> - The goals/features needs to be distributed on people
>>> It works the other way: people step up and take ownership for some 
>>> goals.
>>>> - Use openproj or some thing similar to track progress.
>>> We have a few goals and a few people, I think a wiki in manageable 
>>> for tracking the progress.
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