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> Hello,
> I am collecting opinions on Style Guidelines:
> http://openclipart.org/wiki/Style_Guidelines
> My questions are:
> * Would you prefer tags like "style_photorealistic" or just
> "photorealistic"?

just "photorealistic" as we already have valid style tags along this  
line: silhouette, lineart and line_art, couloring/coloring book, etc.

Which brings to mind a wish that some of these terms could be merged  
into one agreed upon tag.  Either select "lineart" or "line_art",  
merger the terms and alias one to the other going forward.

> * What is the difference between "lineart","outline" and  
> "coloring_book"?
> Should "lineart" be black-and-white and "coloring_book" colored?
> Or the difference lays in line style: lines have a constant width in
> "coloring_book",
> when "lineart" looks more like made with calligraphic tool?
> Or the point is how easy it is to color it: "coloring_book" should  
> have
> large areas,
> all closed, while for "lineart" it is possible to have some areas  
> open ???

Coloring/Couloring book I think was set-up specifically for one of the  
goals of OCAL to make available a series of images that could be made  
into coloring books.  I think it is still a valid goal to collect some  
of our images into themed coloring books and upload them as ready-to- 
print PDF documents.  I keep thinking of doing it but haven't gotten  
off the dime yet.

> * Would you prefer otline versions of existing images  to be stored
> along wit the original, as Gerald_G does:
> http://openclipart.org/media/files/Gerald_G/5814
> or is it better to store them as separate submissins, tagged as  
> "outline"?

if you have the outline tag and the color tag in the tags field then  
you get the art sorted in both searches.  From there you can see that  
two files exist.  I like outline and colored files being together.  We  
can add this to guidelines and it will be used and ignored at the same  
rate as anything else under guidelines.

> * What other styles can you propose?
> Thanks in advance for any help,
> Joanna Pszenicyn (Papapishu)

As others have suggested, it will be impossible for this to be  
complete and all encompassing or even close.  All one can hope for is  
that some people will use some terms to group some images.  As it is  
many authors make poor choices in their naming of files - all sorts of  
things get called icon, sign or tool - I think because they are in the  
frequently used tags and people may think it is their only choices.  I  
mean what does "worldlabel" mean?  Certainly this is something  
librarians can work on but with thousands of files and more every day,  
it is a job that will never be complete.

OCAL is the classic example of trying to herd cats which is fine but  
we just need to be realistic about what you can expect from a big  
community of volunteers offering stuff for free.

I would suggest starting with the broadest terms first and adding  
specific tags as they seem appropriate.

I would suggest entering this list of styles under the "suggested  
tags" field under each submit form which is accessed here: http://openclipart.org/media/admin/submit 
   This field is currently unused and I tested it to see that it will  

John Olsen/johnny_automatic

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