[Clipart] An Open Clip Art newbie asks for help.

David Reid david at REID-IBA.com
Thu Jun 18 17:18:01 PDT 2009

I downloaded and unzipped your collection of clip art. Wonderful! 


One tiny problem. I can't use it in anything Microsoft as far as I can
figure out. I know that I can manually convert each image to EMF format but
converting each image this way is, frankly, a lifetime career given the
number of images. I want to use something scalable so I'm hoping to convert
to EMF or EPS rather than something like JPEG or PNG. 


I paid for ABC Amber SVG Converter program which advertised that it could
batch convert SVG files into EMF or a variety of other image types but,
frankly, it sucks. It does not recognize any transparency so the translated
images look like crap. Money down the drain. I wrote to the company and the
nice Russian developers pretty much told me to f**k off but did take the
time to complain that I had sent my screen shots to them in a format that
they didn't like and not to do that again. (BMP) Love that customer service


So, is there any way that you know of to batch convert the images to another
scalable format so that my staff can use them in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint,
etc.? Or... if there are any filters that would allow MS products to open
the SVG files? I've searched Google to no avail. Any help you can offer
would be gratefully received.


I did find some help that gave instructions on how to use Inkscape to batch
convert the files to png but I'm hoping for a way to convert them to EMF or
NG_files.3F> ) If someone smarter than me knows how to do this using
Inkscape then I'm all ears. I've never used Inkscape before and I don't know
the proper switches to use in the command line. Instructions for either
Linux or Windows would do. We've got both available.


Thanks so much.


David W Reid

e.  <mailto:david at reid-iba.com> david at reid-iba.com



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