[Clipart] how to create new openclipart releases?

Jochen Staerk jstaerk at usegroup.de
Mon Mar 2 07:59:51 PST 2009

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>> The next problem is that when i want the data from an tag with a lot of
>> objects like "animal" the Api doesn't work anymore.
> You mean it causes an error? Or, what? Can you describe?

it drops back to html, suddenly ignoring the format parameter. As
mentioned,e.g. with the 384th item of the tag
returns RSS,
suddenly HTML.
 ( wget
respectively wget

please note: with another tag like "human" the 384th item does not seem
to cause problems.

> how they are doing that...The sidecar metadata file idea would work
> here, with one big manifest.rdf file with the descriptions of all the
> clip art in it.
we'll have a look into it.

> We can then make automatic last 30 days package of clipart which
> anyone can download at anytime, then we can do a monthly new package
> to keep the releases going...sound good? If so, can add to the
> roadmap...

please give us some days to sort this api thingy out, we can write
parsers but it's gonna get nasty if we can't d/l the complete list each
time, w/o the API we also have no way to determine what is actually new
in the last 30 days.

Question: Why don't we do a full release each 30 days? In case you fear
the bandwidth tell me how big your downloads directory is and I tell you
if you got an european mirror.

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