[Clipart] ROADMAP and Website Development

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Tue Mar 3 11:52:05 PST 2009

Hi all, we actually aren't that far off on the ROADMAP towards 0.19 now.


We have these items:

    *  Import Archived Images - Import all the images from (rejon/Mestafais)
          o release 0.18 + the additional images that were put away in
preperation for the first 0.19 release
          o the collection has been sorted by author - this includes
all files except those in the incoming folder. Please download your
old files from the following link and upload them to the current OCAL
http://homepage.mac.com/johnny_automatic/FileSharing27.html or
          o We are tracking the transfer of files from the old archive
to the new OCAL site on this page:
                + http://openclipart.org/wiki/authorlist - please
strike through your name when you have uploaded your files to the
current site.
          o all the images that were in the incoming folder from the old site
( I have uploaded all of my submissions from this archive - Johnny
Automatic/John Olsen)

    * Release Package for 0.19 (rejon)
          o figure out how to package up all clipart through brute-force

    * Add graphical thumbnails to all clip art (rejon or someone
faster! I could give this a go - alvason) (0.19 pre- all have
thumbnails already - so that's done for that part - johnny automatic)

    * Close out all critical / blocker bugs on
(rejon, all, others)

What are the latest on these? Thinking about ways to either move these
to later, or get them done. Johnny, can you give us an update? Bugs
are bugs :) We should look into these

Then onto that, I'm trying to get really workable documentation so
that others can setup a local instance of the site to hack on, send
code upstream, and then one of the admins (me, ted or andy) can commit
the code to the site, and make live. Check this out and see how far
you get, make changes and/or ask lots of questions here or on the chat



Jon Phillips

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