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Tue Mar 17 03:10:24 PDT 2009


I've been on this list for about 18 months I think, and I remember at least 3, maybe 4, programmers who joined that list and said that they were interested, or even already working, on a better interface for thumbnails (among other things).
I also remember these coders had some precise plans to make that work.

So far, nothing has changed in that regard, though.

So, I'm wondering... how is that possible? 

I could understand that a lack of motivation, or time, or whatever, makes that these people - eager to help -, stop working on their project. I could understand... if it was not _always_ the case.

I'm then (not knowning anything in the technical situation) thinking that "something" in our current platform makes it impossible, or at least, extremely extremely difficult, to show thumbnails, and that is why we have had no news at all of the people who wanted to look at that.

If that is the case, then I believe Openclipart should maybe think about that, and maybe change to another platform, which would make it easier for programmers to code something.

Or, maybe, we should stop dreaming about SVG thumbnails, and be happy with PNG thumbnails, and show that. Or (... insert suggestions here...)

In any case, I think that something has to be done seriously about that. As pointed by many users, Openclipart without thumbnails of any kind loses a lot of its interests, and makes the site... kinda useless. It's a shame, for all the people who uploaded their artwork and believed in open art.

Please don't think this message is a flame, it is not. I just can't see a good reason - or reasons - why every person who tried to work on Openclipart failed, there must be something done about that, I think.

Best regards.

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> Date: Monday, March 16, 2009, 3:27 AM
> Mourad Mokrane wrote:
> >  >> Is it ME or ???
> >  
> > Nope, it's just that the library does not have a
> thumbnail generator yet 
> > (AFAIK it is been worked on for quite some time, but I
> have no clue when 
> > it's gonna be ready).
> The problem is not the lack of a thumbnail generator, some
> of us do the 
> extra work and upload thumbnails by hand, is that the
> browsing interface 
> lacks the feature of showing thumbnails, even if those
> exist.
> But looking at the recent talk, it seems this feature is
> coming really soon.
> > The best way to browse the files is to use a browser
> that supports 
> > SVG  Open each clipart in a new 
> > tab to have a look at it and save if you like it.
> >  
> > I know this is painfully slow but there is no other
> way yet...
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