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Jochen Stärk jstaerk at usegroup.de
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> I've been on this list for about 18 months I think, and I remember at least 3, maybe 4, programmers who joined that list and said that they were interested, or even already working, on a better interface for thumbnails (among other things).
I was one of them.

> I also remember these coders had some precise plans to make that work.
> So far, nothing has changed in that regard, though.
> So, I'm wondering... how is that possible? 

As regarding me it was my fault because I didn't had the interest to
work myself into ccHost, in particular after I was told that somebody
else had a solution ready or almost ready.

> I'm then (not knowning anything in the technical situation) thinking that "something" in our current platform makes it impossible, or at least, extremely extremely difficult, to show thumbnails, and that is why we have had no news at all of the people who wanted to look at that.

Its a bit tricky to set up a test system mirroring e.g. the database and
files in the current plattform, ccHost.

> If that is the case, then I believe Openclipart should maybe think about that, and maybe change to another platform, which would make it easier for programmers to code something.

One the one hand yes, on the other hand I think this is a open source
project, so a suggestion is very nice but a contribution is much nicer.

I think the strategy to use a more or less off-the-shelf plattform,
ccHost, is very good because openclipart can then also benefit from
improvements contributed by other projects. I share Nicu's concerns
regarding missing features (e.g. tags or proper SVG randering) on the
proposed new plattform (gallery2) and I would like to thank him for
helping to migrate to ccHost, in particular for re-uploading images and
his daily tarball script.

In case openclipart wanted to accept the suggestion to move to another
plattform I think we would still miss one or many people to do the
actual contribution (migrating everything).

Kind regards,

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