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Jochen Stärk jstaerk at usegroup.de
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> As poinred out before, I'm not really a "technical" person, so I'll ask silly naive questions. 
> - You don't really need a full current Openclipart database to test "stuff" on it, do you? Just a test database with a dozen of users, one hundred cliparts, something like that?

I would prefer a complete QA system, there is e.g. exactly one open
clipart which crashes all 0.46er inkscapes and has the potential to kill
all batch runs which just run through on smaller systems
(orangeobject_background-ribbon.svg crashes windows and linux 0.46 but I
was told it's fixed in the inkscape SVN).

Another case: So far I have not been able to find out why the metadata
listing stops on certain tags, I have had similar cases in different
projects where certain entries killed the listing just because they
contained some special characters which hardly any other entry contained.

> - If ccHost is so "tricky" that we were unable to do it for the persons who were willing to help, or too tricky for these persons to do it themselves, then, in my very, very, very humble opinion, it is TOO tricky and something has to be done about that... (insert suggestions here)

You can try to improve the current system, migrate everything to a new
system or start from scratch, everything either in cooperation or as fork.

Brainstorming-wise I wonder if money would help (donations??), or how
much would it would cost to get thumbnails... and how would one organize
that, probably approach the people from the ccHost mailing list?

> - How "open" are we if we repeatedly fail to give potential contributors the "tools" to work on the code?

the tools are there (see below), there is a discussion on the clipart
files and the database contents and I would not like to complain about
potentially missing tools here because I'm trying to take part in the
other threads.

> Again... it's more a brainstorm here... do we have svn, cvs, a way to browse the code, a page on the website which explains how to check in/check out, steps to work on the code...? Where does the own Openclipart code live, - I'm not talking about the ccHost code... etc. ?

Thanks to Jon I think yes, http://openclipart.org/wiki/SVN

> I wasn't suggesting to move to Gallery2 (but that's an idea! ;-), I was more pointing out that "something similar to Gallery2" could maybe be done more easily. 
> In the Openclipart project department, my sole contribution was a few
images, you can't contribute on every project at the same level. :-)

I know :-(

> I really feel sad - and interrogative - to see so many people willing to contribute, and so many to fail.. 
> re. "tags" and "keywords", Gallery2 has that (they are two separate things in the Gallery2 world). But again, I wasn't suggesting "let's just move to Gallery2", just... "could we get inspired by something like that?"
OK and sorry.

> P.S.: Gallery2 is open-source too, the code is http://fisheye3.atlassian.com/browse/gallery there

I'm afraid I still see the need for a migration path and potential svg
thumbnail quality issues. I'm not convinced it's better and as long as
nobody is willing to do the actual work it's questionable if it's worth
the debade.

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