[Clipart] comments on 0.19, 0.20 roadmap, thumbnails

Jochen Stärk jstaerk at usegroup.de
Wed Mar 18 01:48:30 PDT 2009

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> Jo plz look at the Point "Things that need to be clarified "
> We really need to clear this!

http://openclipart.org/wiki/Roadmap says for "Release Package for 0.19
(rejon)", I hope he can already use my script for this(?). If "Add
graphical thumbnails to all clip art" is related to the release IMHO you
can also strike it as my script generates them (except the one thumbnail
which crashes inkscape :-( ).

0.20 "How do we want to create the thumbnails?" I agree with Nicu who
said (in a recent post to a different topic) he preferred inkscape as
thumbnail generator. I also agree with you, Michael, that namimg it with
the same name like the SVG and the same folder" could make it possible
to access it via cchost. This basically means that we run a thumbnail
generating script, e.g. daily, on the server side. If inkscape is
installed on the server this is technically not very expensive.

What I would like to discuss with Nicu is if we take his daily tarball
script or my release script for thumbnail generation. He as well touches
all svg files and I could also patch his script (which already runs
daily on the server anyway) to invoke inkscape. We could even include
the thumbnails in the daily tarball and/or have my script download them
instead of creating them.

If we included the thumbnails in the daily tarball it would (grow
considerably in size) and it would become very similar to the .tar.gz

1) can the openclipart-ccHost folks use our thumbnails as img src if we
just create them as .png?
2) In the long run, do we live with thumbnails or is there a need to
also have full-size png versions?
3) Is it enough to have daily generated thumbnail or should there also
be something like a on-upload generation?

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